The Creative Nexus came about when like minded artists and writers saw the need for a community-based sharing and support group for independent artists from around the world.

It is the goal of the Creative Nexus to gather other like-minded folk from the online ether to unite in a community that is supportive, encouraging, and alive! 

The Creative Nexus seeks to assist artists in getting their laudable creative endeavors out to the people, to celebrate their achievements, and share their news.  

Together, we can take away the awkwardness that can come with self-promotion, and help the independent artist reach a larger audience, while creating an larger audience for their work.

The Creative Nexus welcomes artists of all genres, whether a lone poet just dipping their quill into the waters of the online world for the first time, a seasoned songwriter with a melody to share, a photographer offering beautiful sweeping vistas, or the graphic designer wishing to expand their digital reach. The Creative Nexus seeks to bring about a renaissance in the several arts, and for humankind.

Historically. it has always been the artists and visionaries who have brought about positive change in the world, who have had the courage to stand up for something more than the status quo, and those who encourage creativity and 'out of the box' thinking.  This is one phase of a different vision of a new world, and we want to share that vision with all of you.

Welcome to the world of the Creative Nexus! The many facets of this project are:

The Creative Nexus - Blog - AdminThe New World Creative Union - NWCU
The Creative Nexus - Blog Talk Radio
The Creative Nexus - Facebook
The Creative Nexus - Twitter

The Blue Sky Highway - Facebook
The Blue Sky Highway - SoundCloud
The Blue Sky Highway - Twitter

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