The Blue Sky Highway™ - Information Area

Welcome to the Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH) Information Area—a place to get out of your car, meander about, stretch your legs, contemplate, and find out more about the BSH!

Here at the information area you will find some interesting thoughts on the 'raison d'étre' for our highway, as well as how one may participate in sharing their tracks on the various BSH Episodes.

The Creative Nexus™, along with the BSH, is all about interacting and promoting one another's work for the mutual benefit of all concerned. This concept is the way of the ‘true’ artist for, as it has been said, "a true artist acknowledges not only their own unique form of Art, but also the laudable endeavors of their fellow artists." 

The Blue Sky Highway is designed to have an ambient, chill, relaxing, and/or soundscape flavour, so that a listener may have the opportunity to enter into a greater sense of awareness, creativity, contemplation, and relaxation. 

It is recommended that a listener use headphones, when listening to an episode, to get the full benefit of the sound that is offered for their listening experience.

Blue Sky Highway™ General Guidelines:

The Blue Sky Highway is seeking ‘contemplative’ music and spoken word submissions for its online radio show that reaches thousands of listeners! Enticed? Please contact Roger Allen Baut here, on SoundCloud, Facebook, or Twitter.

• Tracks may be music, vocal, spoken word, or spoken word with music.

• Tracks may be in any of the following formats:
.wav, .wma, .aiff, or .mp3, and downloadable.

• A track is requested to be around 3 minutes +/- in length.
If it is longer, please let us know,
so we can see how it might work out within an episode.

• Please remember that we are screening a lot of tracks and,
for one reason or another, a track may not appear very quickly, if at all.

• We, also, ask those artists featured in an episode to 'repost'
the BSH episode they appear in, so others may be able to listen to their track, as well as the other artists appearing in that episode.

• Please know that the BSH is a 'free' service for artists to showcase their work.

• If you would like an image, included in the BTR slideshow,
it needs to be in .jpg, .gif, or .png, and up to 1MB.

• The Blue Sky Highway reserves the right to feature artists 
based upon each episode's time and programming constraints,
as well as suitability of content for prime time broadcasting.

• The opinions expressed on the Blue Sky Highway do not

necessarily reflect the views of The Creative Nexus,
Blue Sky Highway, or its administrators.

The Blue Sky Highway is:
Roger Allen Baut - founder - producer - host - program concept

and Adrian Hallam
Music Consultant

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