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It's happening in 2014! 

Sunday ~  NWCU Sunday Snap-Shot. A place to meet photographers and their work from around the world! How can such creativity not be prompted? Whether it's a particular piece or a particular artist, we'll be hoping to fire up your creative tools of the trade.

Sunday ~ NWCU Sunday Book Talk 06.01.13 via blog and FB group, we will be gathering to discuss a selected title. 

• Our first featured read of the New Year is Phoenix Rising, by Mary Summer Rain. Stay tuned to this page for time and dates of upcoming discussions.

Wednesday ~ The Wednesday Wake-Up Call is an open creativity prompt to get the creative juices flowing...and also does wonders for those midweek blues! Each week a NWCU coordinator takes their turn at prompting our fellow creatives to explore their talents beyond their chosen medium of expression. Writers draw, photographers write, painters sculpt, and sometime...we're compelled to try everything! Linkup stay open until Sunday morning, when the Google +1's on the entries are tallied, and the winner gets to take home our coveted award for creativity.

Thursday ~ BTR Creative Nexus & Nexus Café Holiday Schedule. New Year Break. Episodes resume Thursday, January 10, 2013. 

 The BTR Creative Nexus & Nexus Café are on the air.

Join with internet personalities Dj Natasha and Dj Roger as they venture into the Creative Nexus and Nexus Café where you’ll find an interesting collage of thoughts on art, artists, artisans, writers, music, and explore a world of thought to enhance and awaken your consciousness.

Got an idea for a NWCU event? Feel free to share your thoughts with any of our coordinators!

Roger Allen Baut:  Founder,  The Creative Nexus and Blue Sky Highway on Twitter, Producer and Host on the Creative Nexus  on BlogTalkRadio, The Creative Nexus Blog and paper.li administrator

Michael Ash Sharbaugh: Producer and Host of the Blue Sky Highway episodes.
Susie Clevenger: The Creative Nexus Fan Page Coordinator

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update: 01.01.13

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