The Nexus Café™ back room 2016

The Nexus Café:
A Place for poetry, prose,
interpretive readings, philosophy,
the Arts, music and so much more!

Welcome to the Nexus Café™ back room. A place to meander about, contemplate, and find out all about the ins and outs of the Nexus Café. But, first, I think it is only fitting that we share a word or two about the café/coffee shop concept.

Marilisa Sachteleben has written a very nice description/background about the coffee shop, and I include the café in this description, because of the close similarities between the two. She writes, "Coffee shops were a thing of the 1930s and then found a rebirth in the 1960s. They flourished in artist colonies like Greenwich Village and Soho, and have also been popular on college campuses."

She goes on to write, "Coffee shops have always been a venue which calls to the artist, whether in graphic arts, music, dance, drama, or poetry, and have seen gatherings of intellectuals as well: poets, political dissidents, philosophers and writers. They still lure the poet, musician and philosopher, and are not elitist. For a few dollars, anyone can enjoy a cup of coffee, snack, and a good debate."

Here, in the Nexus Café back room, you will find some interesting thoughts on the 'raison d'étre' for our café, as well as how one may participate in its philosophical thought, poetry, prose, interpretive readings, interviews,  activities et cetera.

The Creative Nexus and Nexus Café are all about interacting and promoting each other's work for the mutual benefit of all. This is the way of the true artist, for is it not so, that a true artist acknowledges not only their own uniqueness and art form, but also that of their fellow artists. The time of the egocentric person is passing. A new age is beginning,  and a new species is awakening from its slumber!

As John Major Jenkins writes, " is time for our deepening immersion in materialism and death-worshiping behaviors to end."

The time of mutual interaction and sharing of one another's work and talent is at hand, and part of it has begun right 'here!' We are sitting upon the cusp of a new age, a golden age, an age of light, peace and harmony. Join with us and be a part of the light that is breaking through the clouds of a new dawn! Awaken and participate...awaken!

Nexus Café™ Appearance Guidelines:

To those of you who have expressed an interest 
in appearing on a café broadcast, here you go:

Poetry, prose, or interpretive readings:

• Poetry, prose, or interpretive readings,
may be 'live' or via SoundCloud presentation.

• An individual may present a total of three (3) of their works,
for an episode, with each one (1) being approximately 1 to 3 minutes in length (+/-).

• If you would like an image of yourself posted in our slide show please refer below.

Philosophical presentations:

• Philosophical presentations may be designed to bring
information of a thought proving, spiritual, metaphysical
and/or topical nature to our listening audience.

• These presentations may be live, or via SoundCloud.

• An individual may present a total of one (1) of their works,
for an episode, at approximately fifteen (15) minutes in length (+/-).

• If you would like an image of yourself posted in our slide show, please refer below.

Visual artists and artisans:

• Visual artists and artisans are welcome to talk about themselves and work,
and present it to our listening audience, via spoken word and slide show.

• If you would like an image of yourself, and sample image
of your art placed in our episode slide show, please refer below.

Nexus Café Guest Spotlight:

• A fifteen (15) to (20) minute (+/-) interview
with artists, artisans, musicians and writers,
and those with sociological/philosophical perspectives.

• Interviews time is EST, and will be announced.

• Interviews do not follow a standard format, but are free-flowing in nature.

• If an interviewee would like an image of herself/himself,
or work, placed in our episode slide show, please refer below.

General Guidelines:

• Live, call-in,  or SoundCloud presentations should be arranged 
with the host/producer 48 hours, prior to the start of the Nexus Café.

• Program times and dates are to be announced.

• All presentations are on a first scheduled basis.

• SoundCloud tracks need to be: .wav .wma
.mp3 format with a 100MB limit, and downloadable.

• Images for the slideshow need to be: .jpg .gif .png up to 1MB.

• We are always happy to receive a call-in,
but we would 
appreciate you letting us know
ahead of time if you are calling-in.

• The Nexus Café reserves the right to select participants 

based upon each episodes time and programming constraints,
as well as suitability of content for prime time broadcasting.

• The opinions expressed on the Nexus Café do not

necessarily reflect the views of the Nexus Café, or its founders.


  1. what a great idea. Every week I end up missing the live show because it is right at the time the kids get home from school and I start making dinner (you know the crazy time!) Hope things are going well for you guys and the show. I am sure it is.

    1. Thank you for liking the show and leaving your thoughts Sheila! Well, there are a goodly number of people listening, so that would seem to be an indicator that things are going well. One of these days I'm sure something will occur so you can listen in to a live show. I really appreciate hearing from you! Keep in touch and thanks again Sheila!

      Roger ☺