Sunday, February 12, 2012

C Rose ~ @crosescribe

C Rose

I pen under the name C Rose and I have written poetry and stories for as long as I can remember. My journey has kept this creative passion private until 2010 when many things shifted and I realized that I wanted to share this work with others, to really live it. I believe poetry is one of the purest forms of expression and often I find myself dwelling in the words of poets and artists, dreamers and scribes, loving how their energy drifts into my being, inspiring, relating, and giving that truth I so desperately need to hear. This exchange, this moment in time that poet and reader share is why I have created The World Poetized. I honor that you have arrived here, at this time, grateful am I that you have graced this work with your energy, now part of a larger dynamic, interlaced with those that have rested here before you. I write in the spirit of the bohemian dogma; Truth, Love, Beauty and Freedom and believe any form of expression is precious. I encourage you to always share your expression of life. ~ C Rose

Website:  The World Poetized
Twitter:  @crosescribe

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