Monday, February 27, 2012

dVerse Poets Pub ~ @dVersePoets

Mid-2011 saw the announcement of a new poetry meme.  The brain child of Brian Miller and Claudia Schoenfeld, dVersePoets Pub took to the internet as a force to be reckoned with. Brian and Claudia, along with their team of "staff" have built a community that welcomes all poets, from those just dipping their quills to those who have seen themselves published and celebrated. 

dVerse offers an eclectic mix of old and new, as Pretzels and Bullfights explores poetry through the ages. FormForAll offers lessons on various forms, in a fun and inviting atmosphere. MeetingTheBar explores both form and function, as poets tackle the challenges of not only writing, but engaging fellow poets and writes throughout cyberspace. Poetics is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, as hosts take turns offering various prompts, from paintings to holidays and more.  OpenLinkNight is a poetry free for all, and has seen as many as 160+ poets sharing their work on a Tuesday evening.  

If you're searching for a poetry meme that is all about community...look no further than dVersePoets Pub!

Monday          Pretzels&Bullfights                              3pm (EST)
Tuesday         OpenLinkNight                                     3pm (EST)
Thursday        FormForAll/MeetingTheBar                   3pm (EST)
Saturday         Poetics                                              3pm (EST)


  1. smiles...thank you tash...and the real secret behind the vibrancy of the pub are the great poets that join us week after week for pint of verse and encourage each other and have fun together... and big thanks to you for all you do at the pub as well tash...wouldn't be the same place without you...hugs and publove your way..

    1. Smiles. thanks for the wonderful write up Tash...i would agree with claudia, there is no pub without the poets...power to the poets!

  2. Thanks for all you do at the pub and elsewhere, Natasha, to keep our enthusiasm high and our poetic juices flowing. Your post last week for OLN was as always, a rabble rouser--you're a hard act to follow! See you tomorrow, when I'll be Leaping into the fray as best I can.