Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kaleigh Somers ~ @kaleighsomers

Kaleigh Somers
blogger, writer

 Kaleigh fell in love with blogging in the midst of mid-college crises and never looked back. In June 2010, she began tap tap tapping away at the computer to tell stories of shy girls going down dangerous paths and boys shaping a place for themselves in this big, critical world. It didn’t take long for her to discover that her story matched that of so many girls wondering how to handle being pulled in six different directions by boys and friends, schoolwork and stressful expectations.

Since then, her heart has been carved out for the lonely and the introverted, the less-than-normal and little-bit-crazy. For her, there is nothing better than cramming writing together with helping like-minded souls grow up strong and sure of themselves. HUGstronger, a content-based blog community for college students struggling with personal and professional issues, was born out of that need to reach a hand out and offer a virtual hug.
She was never a hugger, but if Twitter taught her anything, it’s that strangers surprise her with kindness. Every. Single. Day. She hopes to convert this kindness into an army of individuals who combat the stresses and struggles of being an undergrad. And she’s blogging about it on Rewriting Life. Find her on Twitter @kaleighsomers or email kaleigh@hugstronger.com.

Links: HUGstronger - http://www.hugstronger.com
Rewriting Life - http://www.rewritinglife.net
Twitter: @kaleighsomers and @hugstronger

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