Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kim Troike ~ @gardenlilie

Kim Troike
Writer, Novelist

Living in the South, enjoying life, trying new things. Previously a registered nurse, mother and now writing for the River Journal online, an artistic paper. Author of 'Kiss Ride' a novella available on Amazon kindle under the pen name Caroline Clemens. Enjoy traveling, fishing and watching my children grow in their world. Love technology and keeping up with current world news.

Lately I realized a desire to write and so have begun this venture into unknown territory, but I like it. When I finished that book last July, I was thrilled! It's based on a true story so the plot is what it is. I bought a book when I was thirty on how to write a romance novel so I think the idea has been there for awhile. It would be nice to be able to do this and make a little in return. We'll see.

Reflecting on my grades in college I noticed my scores in Writing and World Geography were better than all those Chemistry and Math grades. I didn't study at all til Nursing School, then it was do or die. It is so fun when words come to me out of nowhere.

I have traveled extensively in the States and Caribbean and hope to go to Europe and South America one day.

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