Monday, February 20, 2012

Monty Wheeler ~ @bumfuzzled2004

Monty Wheeler
Poet, Author

Monty considers himself to be a country bumpkin and this discription is accurate.  He spends his days nestled comfortably in his small town and rural setting.   His writings include fiction and verse.  Oft times, his works take on dark tones. Forever changing, of late, his works reveal light and hope and a “there’s more after this life” outlook.  His short-term goal is to finish a collected works for a publisher’s consideration.  A late bloomer to college, his formal education left him schooled in meter and rhyme at Arkansas Tech University.  He works in form and simple diction . . . usually without the convoluted similes and metaphors.  His philosophy that “poetry can be just plain fun” shows in his works.  When not writing, he's involved in hunting in the woodland he calls a playground or fishing the area's smaller lakes or his own family ponds.
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