Friday, February 10, 2012

Stuart McPherson ~ @StuMcP

Stuart McPherson
Poet, Author

Stuart McPherson is a Poet/Writer from the United Kingdom. His work draws heavily from personal experience resulting in raw words that are both cathartic and honest.

Drawing influence from the perseverance of the human spirit, Stuart likes to write poetry and fiction that evoke a powerful emotional response from the reader; to prompt questions, and to recreate feelings not often acknowledged or easily faced. In doing so, he shows us how he sees and makes sense of the world around him.

Currently in the early stages of the career, Stuart is proactively seeking opportunity for publication, regularly contributing to online writing communities, as well as his own website When not writing, Stuart is involved in the Hardcore Punk rock scene, a place that for 20 years has nurtured his desire to create with passion and intensity.

Twitter: @StuMcP

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