Monday, May 7, 2012

@SoulSprite 's Social Media Tip of the Week ~07.05.12

Social Sprite’s Social Media Tip of the Week

What you share on your social media platforms matters. When you share is a key factor in your success as well.

Last week I talked about finding that sweet spot, that balance between sharing your own material and things from a third party on your social media profiles. Studies came up with a 60-40 split, 60% third party and 40% original material.

This week I’ll share some ideas about when to share.

This great infographic by KISSmetrics gives you the best times to post on Facebook and Twitter based on a recent study. It looks at where the population is densest and that in turn gives you an idea of what time zones you might want to cater to. The findings also say that you can get a higher click through rate when you tweet between 1-4 times per hour. They also show that on Facebook the most sharing occurs on Saturday and that peak times of any day are a little after noon and after 7 p.m.

Be sure to check out the infographic for more great ideas, but you will need to take your particular audience into account. Facebook Insights are great for getting a handle on who is following your posts. But having some idea’s in general about your fans or followers will also help. Do they stay up late? Are they busy parents? What time zone are the majority of them likely to be in?

Having access to all this information can help you reach more people. Now try it out on your particular audience by setting up a schedule of times to post. After a week or two take note of your Facebook Insights or on Twitter how many RTs or follows you get. If you don’t like what you see reconfigure your times. Keep working on it. Soon you’ll find the best times to reach your audience.

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