Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Wake Up Call 29.05.12

I have a page on my blog that's called Running with Crayons.  The pictures I doodle are my own, and they are certainly beyond the realm of what we actually see. To some, they are crap, to others, they are art, to me they are therapy.

I've always been a little odd by most folk's definition, and I am admitting here today, I care WAY TOO MUCH about what people think to the point I tend to censor my words (harder to do with crayons!) I have let this flaw condition me, my work, my life and my passion.  I remember well the little boy who I was crushing on so many years ago.  I showed him my drawings, and he laughed....I believe at the time the problem was the blue horse.  It would be YEARS before I once again found the joy in my random doodles, and when I started sharing them on my blog and some folks actually liked them...the validation finally silenced the laughter I had held in my mind for all those years. That's what I want you to do today.  Silence your critics.  Those folks who have no idea of the soul you bleed into your work.  Stand up and tackle them face on.  Write them a letter, draw them a picture, be the creator you were born to be.  No limits, no censors.  Stand up for yourself, your work, and your way.

Today, the issue folks take with my work is money.  How can I invest so much time for so little return.  This is the mentality we are all fighting.  These people have no clue as to the rewards that come with creating because you HAVE TO. The call, the visions, the urge is the only proof I need that there is indeed a creator greater than all of us...and I want to honor the calling in my heart by all means necessary.  I have ignored it for far too long.  Join us today, as we do what we were born to do. Silence the haters, the seed of doubt they have tended to so vigilantly in your heart, and let YOU shine.(The real one!) Here's how:
  • Post your work to your blog. Words, pictures, images...there is no criteria. Respond as your heart tells you, then copy the link address for your post.
  • Paste your link into our Mr. Linky below along with your name.  Just that simple.
  • Visit and engage others who have chosen to answer our call. The goal is simple...a community built around the mutual sharing and caring of those involved. Comment, chat, share and tweet.  The world needs folks like us now more than ever, and it's high time we all woke up and acknowledged that fact.
  • You have until 8amEST Sunday morning to get your piece posted. No rush, no pressure...let it flow.
  • On Monday, the entry that received the most +1's will be awarded our creator of the week.
Here's a couple of pieces of my crayon and marker 'art' blue horses...but a whole lot of fun ;) 


Now it's YOUR turn! Let's get creative and show the haters how we roll! Mr. Linky awaits!


  1. Hey, hey hey! Another great Wednesday Wake-Up Call prompt Natasha! Gotta love it!

    Roger ☺

  2. I love this prompt and your crayon/marker pieces!

  3. Was actually thinking about WWU last night before I went to sleep, wondering what would be on tap today. Very interesting theme, Great Job Tash

  4. Dear Haters,

    Please call Katt Williams, he handles all my official hater correspondence for me. I'm too busy doing stuff.

    St3v3 »^.,.^«

    P.S. Loved your prompt, Tashtoo, I'm gonna try to do some stuff for it, busy day tho', we'll see, but I will be reading/looking/enjoying/supporting you all, I <3 NWCU!

  5. Natasha,

    This is a beautiful post. I like it so much. Your crayon works are wonderful. Would you like to get some of your work in a children's web magazine, that one of my friends run?

  6. Abhra...i think that is the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about my doodles! Thank you for forgiving me my blue horses! :) I've finally got my post complete and am looking forward to visiting all who have shared. Happy Wednesday everyone!

  7. Abhra...your link takes us to page not found :( If you would like to resubmit I can delete the bad one...looking forward to your share!

  8. hmmm. Did I silence them? Or just encourage?