Monday, June 4, 2012

@NWCreativeUnion~Weekly Designate for Creativity

The awesome creator Fred Rutherford takes home this weeks prize for his fantastic entry to The Wednesday Wake Up Call.  His Self-Portrait contribution can be found at his blog Sqwerm and the winning entry is here.

From his google profile, Fred states: I'm a Poet/Screenwriter, amateur Philosopher and wannabe Artist interested in all things Literature and Language.  I'm an avid reader, mainly non-fiction, reference, mythology and comics.  I love wordplay, comedy and puzzles.  I am constantly thinking and jotting ideas down for future exploration. I'm interested in all genres of music but Metal is what I love. Really enjoy Movies A-LOT and am a glutton for punishment, A.K.A life as a diehard Bills and Sabres fan.

 Follow Fred along on his journey by visiting his cyberhomes:

Sqwerm ~ Creativity through Art and other Musings
Poetical Psyche ~ The Other Side of Poetry
On Twitter~ @PoeticalPsyche

Congratulations Fred, on a fantastic entry and nabbing the most +1's.  Feel free to display the badge if you so choose, and huge love for playing along with our Wednesday Wake UP!


  1. Congrats Fred...absolutely loved your entry! You truly got all creative up in here :)

  2. Congrats Fred on your Award for Creativity. That was a great entry...

    Roger ☺

  3. I'm so happy for Fred, @PoeticalPsyche! This is such a creative piece he shared with us, congratulations!

  4. Oh, wow. thanks to everyone. You know, I was ecstatic when I got the Tweet from Roger, Being as out of it as I've been this past week or so, the post here totally slipped by me. Again, I really can't thank you guys enough. You're awesome, for all you do and just glad I get the chance to contribute. Going to post this bad boy up right away. Again, I really appreciate the award.