Tuesday, June 26, 2012

@Sheila_Moore ~ Weekly Designate of Creativity ~ 26.06.12

Congratulations are in order for the wonderful Sheila Moore who takes home this weeks badge with her entry More than a Poet a wonderful example proving that she is just that.  From photography, art and words, Sheila brings us fantastic works.

From her about page...

“I offer my words for you to read; my heart for you to see; my love for you to feel; my soul…for God to take.” ~Sheila

I have been writing poetry and prose since early childhood. I have been published in print anthologies, on Writer’s Digest’s poetry site, and in several online journals.

In 2011, I self-published a collection of poetry entitled Shaping Time which is now available as a second edition at a reduced price. Continue reading for more information. Shaping Time is a poetry chapbook that delivers peaceful reflections across the ages and stages of life through various writing forms and visual art. Sheila Moore’s display of visual poetry along with its contemplative messages creates a meditative ambiance for all readers, whether or not fans of poetry.

Congratulations Sheila! And thank you for bringing your work and sharing with NWCU

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  1. congrats, friend, sheila. none would deserve it more :)


  2. thanks, my poet friends. What a nice surprise! :)

  3. Thanks for participating and sharing your lovely words Sheila! Congrats on being designated for the NWCU Award for Creativity! Roger ☺