Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wake Up @NWCreativeUnion "Fear of Failure"

Fear of failure? Embarrassed by it? Do you let it make you, break you and keep you down?  Sucks to be human, eh? We're offering you a chance to take back your power, own the follies that have shaped you, share your story, your secrets, your scars...and the amazing ways we can learn, and move forward...we've a video to's short, sweet and to the point...YOU ROCK...and we love you for it!


SO...wanna know how to play...too easy!

  • Post your response to your blog.  Copy the address of your post and click Mr. Linky below.
  • Mr.Linky will give you a form to submit your name and paste in your blog post address.  If it has automatically pulled a post on your behalf...simply delete that and paste in your new link.
  • Click submit and....You're in!
  • This is an effort in community. Visit others who have linked, comment, share, and show the love!
The prompt runs thru to Sunday morning at 8am EST.  Once closed, we will be looking at the post that received the most +1's and awarding them our weekly designate for creativity.  Let's do this thing!



  1. Hello and thanks for a fantastic prompt. So I finally made it over to join the Wednesday Wake Up Call, hooray! I have a few bits of poetry that could have fitted in here, but I decided to change it up a bit and create a piece of flash fiction. Once I got going I thought I might mix it up a bit more and make a photo story out of it. Hope this is appropriate for the prompt.

  2. Yay Vanessa! There is really no wrong way to respond to the's simply about bringing your thoughts to life (by all means necessary!) :) Steve and James have presented two wonderful pieces...and I'm still slaving away on my own...soon!

  3. thanks to Natasha, perhaps I'll wake up :)

  4. Monty...I dare say you woke up! Love your piece :)

  5. Great theme Tash. Really enjoyed all the entries. I can't wait until more and more people get in on the WWC, Best kept secret on the web. Every week the prompts here offer so many directions one could go, offering limitless potential for creative expression. Thanks again.