Tuesday, July 3, 2012

@St3v3Piper Wake-Up Winner @NWCreativeUnion


If you're thinking the badge above looks a little different, that's because for the second time Steve Piper takes home our award for creativity making him our first Multiple Designate.  Steve scored the most +1's on his blog with THIS entry. This one is extra special, because we also have to send our thanks to Steve for coming forth with the theme.

A little more about Steve can be found on his Home Page and you can connect with him all over the web. A true champion for good with an awesome desire to see the world become a better place.

Roger's already working on tomorrow's Wake Up...hope you'll consider playing along


  1. Congratulations Steve! Thanks so much for your support and playing along with our Wednesday Wake-Up Calls (WWUC)! It's what we're all about! Cheers!

    Roger ☺