Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Award for Creativity designate: 01.08.12 Monty Wheeler

Our New World Creative Union
Award for Creativity designate for 01.08.12
is Monty Wheeler
(aka @bumfuzzled2004)

Monty Wheeler takes home the NWCU Award for Creativity designate, for 01.08.12, and his composition "The Perfect Storm."

His philosophy about writing, is that “poetry can be just plain fun,” and may be seen in his compositions.

Monty's formal education included courses in meter and rhyme at Arkansas Tech University.

When not writing, Monty is involved in hunting in the woodland he calls a playground or fishing the area's smaller lakes or his own family ponds.

Monty has been a very strong advocate for the NWCU and our Wednesday Wake-Up Call. We sincerely appreciate his efforts on behalf of the NWCU, as well as, 'sharing' and 'promoting' other artist's work, which is a core component of the NWCU.

Please take a moment and join Natasha and I in congratulating Monty as our 12th Award for Creativity designate.

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  1. yeah, Monty!!! I adore this poem almost as much as I adore you :) Sheila