Monday, August 20, 2012

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Pinning for Authors

Last week you learned how to get started on Pinterest. This week I’ll focus on some creative ways authors can use Pinterest in their marketing efforts. If you missed the first week’s Pinterest post read it here.

Create a board for each book. This way you can tell the story of how each book came to be. You can also share your journey after publication. If you do book tours share scenic shots of the places you’ve visited. Try not to pin too many pictures of yourself, that’s what Facebook is for. Keep in mind that people repin pictures they can relate to and unless you’re really famous, pictures of you won’t travel far on Pinterest.

Create a board for each current project. Are you working on a new book or series? A board for this new project can create excitement for a book before it comes out. Pin pictures of things that capture the feel of this new story. Share images that inspired you take this new journey.

Create a “behind the scenes” board. Pin pictures of your workspace or the places you write and that inspire you. You can also pin images that best depict your creative process.

Create a board on which your fans can pin images. It can be a board for one book or a book series on which fans can pin images of how they imagine your stories. Also your fans can pin creative pictures of themselves with your book. If they are worldwide you could get some great shots pinned on the board. To keep it interesting and pinable ask fans to take pictures of your book in scenic areas from their hometowns or regions. This is a great way to interact. You can do this by going to a current board and clicking “Edit Board.” Look for “Who can pin?” In the space you add the names of people whose boards you follow. When creating a new board especially for this just add the names of fans during the creation process.

Create a board for the images that inspire you. These can be images you find online, your friend’s artwork or photographs or pieces of art you created yourself.

Post your pins to Facebook. Go to your settings on Pinterest. Scroll down to the Facebook section and turn on “Publish activity to Facebook Timeline.” This is an easy way to share with your Facebook fans that may not be on Pinterest. It’s always great to keep everyone in the loop.

Create boards for all of your other interests. Share who you are with your fans. If you have a passion for Italy share pictures of your favorite areas, delicious foods, beautiful clothes, etc. Remember to have fun, but don’t get so addicted that you forget to write.

Always give credit where credit is due. All images you share on Pinterest should always link back to the original site and be sure to name the artist in the description.

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