Saturday, September 29, 2012

Phoenix Rising: A Guide to the NWCU Phoenixes

As we are all aware, the phoenix is a mystical creature that has been a part of many civilization's mythology. Many of the stories from these different cultures speak of the phoenix as a symbol for 'rebirth,' and that it rises from the ashes of its own demise. It is also known as the fire bird in some lands.

The phoenix, that you see depicted by the NWCU, is an ancient artistic representation of a Japanese phoenix called the Hō-ō.

According to legend, originally from China, the Hō-ō appears very rarely, and then only to mark the beginning of the dawn of a new era, or the birth of a virtuous ruler. In other traditions, the Hō-ō appears only in peaceful and prosperous times, and hides itself during times of trouble and conflict. As the herald of a new age, the Hō-ō decends from heaven   to Earth, to do good deeds.

This is how the NWCU envisions its phoenix, as the herald of a new age of peace and cooperation. Where humankind works together for the betterment of all, as well as the planet. A new age is dawning as the phoenix rises. Join with us in this great adventure!

Below are the current images of the NWCU phoenix, and what each represents:

NWCU badge for a site.
Please replace your old badge with this new one.

*NWCU WWUC badge for an "Award for Creativity" designate.

*NWCU WWUC badge w/Star for a multiple an "Award for Creativity" designate.

NWCU "Silver Phoenix Award of Merit" for those who have won
in one of our "Special Events" categories, or been designated by one
of our Founder-Coordinators, as such. Please click on the link for all criteria.

*Current NWCU WWUC designates are encouraged to replaced their old badges with the new ones.

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