Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Wake Up Call 24.10.12

Shades of Edgar...

It's Wednesday and that means a healthy dose of creativity and Wednesday Wake Up Call to get us going. 

I (Leslie Moon) was excited to find this haunting piece of music as I had been thinking of Edgar Allen Poe for the past several days. I was thrilled to discover that Max Ablitzer ( a delightful and very talented musician) will be performing in London at the Bush Theatre on November 3, 2012.(Wish I could be in the audience.)  His videos will the projected while he plays  his songs on the piano to enchanting poetry recited by Tishani Doshi.
Check out the link for the southasianlitfest to see what Tishani is doing.

What does the music and or video evoke in your creative mind?? It has mine going full speed!!
Enjoy today's Poe"ish" prompt

Our rules are simple:
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  1. Excited to meet this talented musician and hope to hear more from him. Enjoy your wake up!!!

  2. Oooh, after watching just a little of this piece, I'm excited to write a bit for it. Great prompt!

  3. Awake! And loving this prompt Leslie!!! Thank you :)

  4. I love this prompt. Edgar Allen Poe is the reason I started writing poetry in the first place! :)

  5. The music and the video work so well together . We enjoyed crafting a "knight's tale" to accompany them.

    Thanks to New World Creative Union for the prompt

    Ladys Knight

  6. Thanks for the great prompt / an interesting musical piece

    Tried to wend the music into a "knight's tale"

    Ladys Knight

  7. Hello, an inspiring prompt inspired a haiku!

  8. Hello, an inspiring prompt inspired a haiku!

  9. Very cool prompt Leslie. Can't wait to see what everyone's shared. Thanks for hosting this week

  10. The responses to Max's music have been wonderful and diverse. If you get a chance go to Max's website or Facebook - he has a concert coming up and I'm sure would appreciate the encouragement