Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TimeWarp 1999 ~#WWUC @NWCreativeUnion


  • January 1st ~  Euro Established
  • February 2nd ~ Hugo Chavez becomes president of Venezuela
  • March 3rd ~ Walter LaGrande is executed in the gas chamber in Arizona
  •  April 1st  ~ Nunavut becomes Canada's third territory
  • May 5th ~  Microsoft releases Windows '98 (second edition)
  • June 1st ~Napster is born
  • July 23~ ANA Flight 61 is hijacked in Tokyo
  • August 11~ A total solar eclipse over Europe and Asia
  • September 21~ The 921 Earthquake, registering 7.6 on the Richter scale, kills 2400 in Taiwan
  • October 31~ Roman Catholic and Lutheran Church leaders sign the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
  • November21~The Wizard of Oz begins its run on cable TV
  • December 3rd~ Tori Murden becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic a row boat.
Billboard's Top Song ~ 1999


Now show us where you were...
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  1. Absolutely marvelous Natasha! Really like the innovative and 'out of the box' aspect to this WWUC! Kudos and applause, applause!

    Roger ☺

  2. We've got lots of time~warps ahead... Glad you like :)

  3. Wow - great way to challenge us and rattle old chains in the process

  4. I knew I would face this year sometime or other. Thank you for the prompt that triggered this poem. I cannot even imagine having that much energy anymore--and it is only 13 years ago!!

  5. Shoot! First time up first, and messed it up too. Can you remmove one of my names?

  6. LOve the prompt...I went to the dark side with mine Not really just let my deadpan poet alter ego use my pen. :)

  7. Cool theme, but I have to try and figure out what I was doing back then. Somehow all the years have sort of blurred into one another. Nothing a little quick research won't solve. I'll have to check the dates, as I do believe I was in Paris then, in which case i'll have something to write for sure. Look forward to seeing what everyone creates here. Thanks Tash

    1. I looked at my resume, but you can also look up headlines of 1999--

    2. As I believe I was was in Paris then...hello! I'm all ears :)

  8. Thanks for playing guys! I often use particular years to try to trigger the muse when she refuses to dance...awesome way to take on that block head to head.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for playing Ben! Loved the you you brought to visit :)