Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking Back ~ #WWUC @NWCreativeUnion

Today...I'm stealing inspiration from NWCU coordinator Susie Clevenger  who has just released her first collection of poetry, "Dirt Road Dreams".

On her website, Susie gives us a little hint as to what her collection explores...

"I began writing poetry when I was fifteen. The introduction to Edgar Allan Poe’s work in my freshman English class sparked a desire to write. Living in rural Missouri there wasn’t much encouragement to write poetry. I spent many evenings dreaming of what lay beyond dirt roads and the freedom to express what was inside of me.
In this collection I revisit the past as well as take a walk through the present. My poetry comes from what I see, hear, and feel in the ebb and flow of life’s joy and sorrow. Part of
the work is the voice of my own experiences and part of it is the voice of others who can’t or won’t speak for themselves." celebration of Susie's new release, and in thanks for her giving spirit (you would not believe all she does for us here at NWCU!) I'd like to invite you to venture down some of the dirt roads of YOUR past...

Where did the desire to create first hit you? When did you realize it was not something that was going to go away? Who inspired you then to explore the drive? Who keeps you inspired now? We'd love to take this opportunity and get to know you a little more...through a poem...a painting...a song...

Let's take a moment and listen to Susie share with us a little more from her collection...perhaps you'll find yourself inspired to grab your mic...

Ultimately...we are about supporting and sharing our fellow artists and their good works, and we are so very proud to call Susie one of our own. Please join us in sharing and spreading the news on Dirt Road Dreams...and grab your own won't be disappointed!
Dirt Road Dreams

Here's how to play along...

  • Blog your creation. Paint it, sing it, write it, sculpt it...any form of creation is welcome. Perhaps you came across the bug on a paved road, a train track...
  • Copy the address of the specific post you are sharing with us and click the Mr.Linky button below.
  • Paste your post address, enter your name, and click submit...that's're in!
  • Visit others who have found themselves inspired by returning to Mr.Linky and clicking on their post. Comment, share and spread the love.  
  • Most of all...thank YOU for your support and encouragement...share our prompt with a friend, share the news of Susie's new release with your family...and share the light that is you with the world.
  • Let's Play! :)


  1. Susie's book is being shipped to me as we speak... I'm so excited. I have a dreadfully yukky dentist appt. this morn, but will try to produce something for this lovely prompt.

  2. Thanks Natasha for your support and the support of NWCU. I truly am humbled and appreciate it. There is still a lot in me to write from my years living on that dirt road. I will see what my muse pulls out of the dust today.

  3. Susie and Laurie...thanks to you both for being such amazing supporters of our efforts...better together! and we're taking over the world :D

  4. love love love! "like tentacles..." that line is stunning!

  5. Ah! I couldn't find you last week! Thinking of early roads . . . Thanks for the prompt.