Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#WWUC @NWCreativeUnion ~Wisdom&LifeLessons

A very simple prompt today...born from sharing and conversing with fellow free thinkers in the twitterverse....I remember listening to this back in the day...hits me a little different these days and I'd love to see what comes to mind after you have a listen...perhaps you've got you're own life lessons you'd like to share...a picture of a milestone you'd like to paint...sit back...have a doubt a smile...but pour the tears into your work (yes...I grow ever softer the older I get) Let's look back...and see what we've learned as we turn our eyes towards the future...I have faith we'll make it through...

Here's how we play...

  • Post your response to the above video to you  blog or site
  • Copy the address of the exact post
  • Click Mr. Linky below, paste your post address, enter your name, click submit...and you're in!
  • Visit others who have linked up. Comment, engage and most importantly, share the good work of those who have taken the time to join us.
  • And don't forget to tune into the Nexus Cafe on blogtalk radio this Thursday at 6pmEst to see just what's coming down the pipeline at NWCU...and to listen in as some amazing artists and writers gather together to share their work.


  1. Love it Natasha! Looking forward to the art this will inspire!

  2. this is really cool. I never saw it before.

  3. So, I dissed my own poem in the poem, I think. Looking forward to the art, the stories, the poems. This tape was fun for me in that it was made by someone who has been through some of the same past, I think.