Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 005] "Air Castles"

Blue Highway ©Frank Webster

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH) is pleased to announce that Episode #005 Air Castles is now ready for airing on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at 12 NN, EST. This is shaping up to be quite an incredible episode, thanks to the efforts of Michael Ash Sharbaugh, our new co-producer and co-host. 

To date, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from our listeners on the content, theme, and sound of the BSH. Listeners have mentioned liking the show's innovative and contemplative concept, philosophical thought, spoken word, vocals, and music. We thank our audience for taking the time to let us know their feelings on the BSH and providing input that will assist the show as it moves into the future.

The Blue Sky Highway™ presents "Air Castles"
with co-producer and co-host Michael Ash Sharbaugh

Especially selected featured artists and tracks from:

Blue Room Green: "Prism"

ambientsketchbook: "To Find Heaven"

Michael Ash Sharbaugh and Blue Room Green: "The Parting"

rizzi: "Sonar Vortex"

Zach Zinn: "Pulling Arrows"

Shoot the Wendy Bird fea Oisin Connoly: "Lady in White"

Denominated Dreams: "The Strongest Boat on My Wife's Sea"

Gardie le Gueux: "Lazy Rider"

Super Miracle Dream Team: "Polaroid #13"

Lucho Ripley: "Dos Preludios"

Pipe Choir Too: "Lite to Lite"

thebdmethod: "Pride River"

ssslooshy: "Lady Flambe [I Spy Cat-Skin Jack mix]"

Brumes: "Martin's Scale"

Kenji Kishi: "Interlude #1 - with Hawaiian Birds, Bells, and Waves"

Herbsareflying: "In a Gray Light"
[narration of "Air Castles," by Roger Allen Baut (Chasing Tao)]

Basho's poetry was translated by Dorothy Britton in her
"A Haiku Journey: Basho's Narrow Road to a Far Province." [1974]

If you would like to have your music, compilation, and/or spoken word featured in an upcoming episode of the BSH, please click here for our submission guidelines and contact info.


A Journey [Ep #004]: 1,101 Total 'listens'

Ep #003: 1,722 Total 'listens'

Ep #002: 1,849 Total 'listens'

Ep #001: 1,709 Total 'listens'

The BSH is designed to have an ambient, chill, relaxing, and soundscape flavour to it, so that our listeners may enter into a greater sense of awareness, contemplation, creativity, and relaxation.

We also encourage the sharing and promotion of artists, artisans, musicians, and writers who are featured in this episode, whether in the form of a Retweet, Share, and/or Google +1.

"If we are going to survive and prosper as a species, it can only be through the mutual interaction, benefit, and promoting the well-being of all people, and the planet!"

The Blue Sky Highway is:
Roger Allen Baut - Michael Ash Sharbaugh
and Adrian Hallam

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