Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Creative Nexus™ News

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Metro Detroit, Michigan (Global) - Spring has sprung and as the seasons have changed, so too has The Creative Nexus™. 

Lots of fresh, new ideas have blossomed from the originators of The Creative Nexus Café™ and Blue Sky Highway™.

• The New World Creative Union (NWCU) continues with a full complement of 250 members. Look for some new features to come along as we move further into 2015.

• The Nexus Café and core team: Matthew HattSusie Clevenger, Natasha Head, and Roger Allen Baut return live on Sunday, May 24th, at 2:00 p.m. EST. Format for the popular show remains the same.

Creative Nexus Café™

Music Intro
Opening: Greetings and information
from co- hosts/producers Natasha, Susie,
Matthew, and Roger

• Shout Outs

A View from the café’s window: Roger

Something to Consider: Natasha

• Summation/convo


...with a bit of spoken word, and music, sprinkled about here and there for good measure.

• The Blue Sky Highway(BSH) is in the process of updating and refining its design and program. The new format will have a 'theme' with no interruptions during the episode. 

As always the BSH is 'not' about the 'host' or 'producer,' but about the artists comprising the show.

• Look for more updates as the BSH approaches its Season 2, episode 1 launch date.

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