Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aaron Kent ~ @minisixx

Aaron Kent

Aaron Kent is a self-published poet who hails from Truro, Cornwall, UK.  His book "Shape Up or Ship Out" is now available for reading and he has recently ventured forth into the blogisphere with Two Informal Feet.

Twitter: @minisixx

About Shape Up or Ship Out ~ Shape Up or Ship Out isn't your usual book of poetry. It isn't filled with sentiments of love or grand ideas of romantic themes. It is - to say the least - unique.
It is hugely inventive and will definitely leave an impression. With titles such as 'Paint The Landscape Blue', 'These Fireworks! This Sky' and 'You Bring the Armour, I'll Supply the Drama' you are sure to find a poem to love.  Order Your Digital Copy at AmazonUK

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