Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joy Ann Jones ~ @hedge_witch

Joy Ann Jones

Joy Ann Jones (blogging since 2010 as hedgewitch) is a poet, gardener, lefty survivor of the 60's, reader and professional audience for poetry and art. She writes to process and understand, share and examine, surprise and reflect. She is a volunteer at dVerse Poets Pub, and blogs her forty some years of poetry at Verse Escape. The picture represents her in her larval hippy form, 1976.

Blog:  Verse Escape
Twitter:  @hedge_witch


  1. Thanks, Natasha, and Roger, for having me. Happy to be amongst such a talented group. ( Re: the pic--Did I mention I was in the one in hat, not mounted on the plaque? That's a muskie.)

  2. Joy Ann, you are also a wonderful critic. I love it when I see a comment from you; you reach right down into a poem and zero in on the hot spots.