Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patrick Hatt ~ @pathatt24 ~ @Rhymetime24

Patrick Hatt
Author, Rhyming Genius, Novelist

 Patrick Hatt is a rhyming loon or is that the cat? Are they one in the
same, if not which one do you blame? Now that, that is out of the way he
is all over the place, doing a little of this and a little of that. With a
new blog post every day, three books written so far, with plenty more to
come, and running his own advertising site, Face it Facts.

Has more movie knowledge than any one person should know and spends more
time with animals than people, is that a crime? He does not take himself
too seriously, as to steal a movie line, sorta, "We aren't going to get
out alive anyway, so may as well have fun along the way."

That is all, have a nice fall. Or enjoy your winter, smash a printer. If
it's spring, have a fling. And if it's summer umm stop your fling with
that plumber? He thanks you for reading this about and New World Creative
Union for the shout.

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  1. Look at that ugly fellow, taking all the glory from cat with his bellow.