Saturday, March 17, 2012

B. Kent ~ @vesdyn

B. Kent
Author, Editor In Chief of The Book Times

I’m a writer and teacher through and through. I’ve tried my hand at everything else. I’ve been in the financial world. I’ve been a banker. I’ve been a business-Jane-of-all-trades. I’ve tackled insurance, and I’ve done a few other jobs in between. The only thing I love to do (which also keeps me sane) is to write and teach. I didn’t grow up thinking I was a writer. Right out of high school, I got a job with Scholastic Books, Inc. taking phone orders for book clubs from school teachers. During downtime, all we could do was read. That started my love affair with fiction. As I grew up and life got tough, I discovered that I read more and more to escape life for a little while. A few years later, I was reading a tremendous fantasy series and the most horrible thing happened! It ended! I was so happy to read the ending and find some relief, but I was equally sad to see the world come to an end. In that moment, I thought, “If I could write books, my worlds would never end.” That was the first thought which led me to writing. A few other things made up my mind to write. Mostly, I learned that books could be so powerful. Then I knew I wanted to write…to change hearts, open minds, and provide an escape. I’ve written (and finished) four books to date: And So It Happened, Snow Boy, Majee Legends, Hidden Magics and I will soon finish a new book called Afraid. Summaries and links to buy can be found on my website: I also write short fiction blurbs and poetry and am the Editor in Chief for, an online fiction reading newspaper.

B. Kent
Author, Editor
Twitter: @Vesdyn


  1. Wel hello, Bethany. I've seen you about and it's good to read a biography and get to know you. It is an honest and unassuming statement, though one in which you clear love of writing and, more than that, your desire to share it through teaching, is truly infectious. I confess to feeling, at the same time jealous and full of admiration for your talent.