Friday, March 23, 2012

The Book Times ~ @TheBookTimes

This site is all about bringing authors and readers together – for free.

Are you a Book-A-Holic? If you love to go to the bookstore and browse books; even read a few chapters before buying. Then you’ve come to the online equivalent. The Book Times is about giving readers the opportunity to drink in a book’s contents, a few chapters even. Or, they can read poetry until they are dying to have the collection. If they love the writing, then they can order it via the web OR follow the author’s work here or on their own sites.

What this site is for: (submissions link) This site is about promoting the writing of fiction writers, poets, comics, and non-fiction comedy and satire. It’s for writers and poets of all ages! It’s a way to give readers free snippets and build up your fan base and revenue. It is also a place to submit things you have that are unpublished so that they become “published” and you can entice readers with some and then publish your own eBook or softcover and send them to buy it for “the rest of the story”. The sky is the limit. With eBooks taking off on Nooks, Kindles, etc., this site (and the reputation of whoever writes on it) could go viral. The idea is to get on here and be a part of the literary madness. Readers will be able to read by genre/category or author, follow a link to buy the full story/poetry book, or search for authors!

Finally, this site is the equivalent of TWO PUBLISHING CREDITS. First, writers will get the online publishing credit to their resume. Then, each year the site will publish an anthology of the year’s work (all posts from the year) in a softcover and eBook. This is the second publishing credit. Authors will be able to claim their work is published in a bound product as well. See the submissions page on the site if you’re interested in writing and promoting with us!

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