Monday, March 5, 2012

James Rainsford ~ @jamesrainsford

James Rainsford
Novelist, Photographer, Poet, Musician

One time merchant-seaman, teacher,lecturer,salesman, company-director, mushroom-farmer, philosopher and inveterate reprobate. Now devoted to becoming a modern 'Renaissance Man,' pursuing the questionable consolation of writing, photography, poetry,and music, all activities which are only tolerable, because they are punctuated by periods of alcoholic euphoria and profound idleness. Believer in the values of 'The Enlightenment.' Opponent of multiculturalism and political correctness in all their idiotic manifestations. Hater of moral and cultural relativism. Lover of freedom of speech and enemy of all censorship and faith based tyranny. Sympathetic to The Victor Meldrew view of the Universe.

Interests: writing, poetry, photography, music, art, astronomy
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Twitter: @jamesrainsford

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  1. Thanks to Natasha, for all that she does to promote artistic talent. Her poems are absolutely, not to be missed. Visit her here:

  2. Ditto what you said about Natasha, James.

    And, by the way, you could have been writing my biography, given what you say about yourself above; well, except, that is, for the merchant seaman, teacher, lecturer and mushroom-farmer!

    Rock on, Renaissance Man!