Saturday, March 3, 2012

Joel Bernardo ~ @JBPoetry

Joel Bernardo
Poet, Author

A dreamer and fantasy driven human, from Lisbon, Portugal. Currently finishing his college degree in Media Studies.
Poetry made its way into his life quite recently (2011). However, he was oozing a passion for arts and all things creative since he could remember. Design, songwriting and painting are also among his interests and passions.
Short, but meaningful life experiences come through his work, with a touch of unrealistic imagery. His influences are mixed, a derivation of many trips around the world. Perhaps the most amazing world created, for him, is his own, where he can capture whatever feelings, emotions and expressions he wishes too.
"My Own Growth" is a small collection of poems self-published last year, which show all sides of the author, and the growth experienced in that same period.

"If you can craft dreams out of stars, you can make rainbows out of tears" - JB (2012)

Twitter: @JBPoetry
Amazon e-book (self-published) My Own Growth

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