Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beth Winter ~ @Beth_Winter

Beth Winter

Beth Winter is a prolific and gifted writer with a great love for the written word and though she specializes in poetry and prose, she is not shy to embrace anything else her itchy pen decides to scratch

With a huge body of growing work, she has authored over 600 poems, equaled only by The River Journal, and Tuck Magazine. She also founded and oversees a poetry critique group on AllPoetry.

She lives and works in the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills and like Dorothy Gale before her, she’ll always dream of somewhere over the rainbow. Her poetry, prose and journals can be viewed on her blog, Eclipsing Winter.

Beth is also an amateur photographer who wants not only to trap detail in images but also lusts after a new camera. Some of her shots can be viewed on her poetry blog, Sights of Winter.

Beth can be contacted on Twitter @Beth_Winter or by email at


  1. Your place here is overdue, Beth (no offence to the hard working Natasha and Roger). Welcome and I wish you great good fortune.

  2. An wonderful writer, an incredible poet, and always an inspiration to me. Welcome Beth! :-)