Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspiration for Creators ~ @JessKristie ~ #BookBuzz

There are times in this rough old world when I wish I had someone by my side to simply whisper, "Keep going".  I've never needed to hear this more, than with my decision to pursue my love of writing and poetry.  We can claim to not want fame, we can claim our love of solitude, but when your exposing your heart for the world to see, through ANY artistic medium, there is nothing better than hearing a voice shouting back through the ether that your work has been noticed, let alone appreciated.

I am honored to share with you today a wonderful woman that shouted back to me through that ether, and now she is shouting out to all creators through a wonderful e-book release dedicated to keeping us going.

Jessica Kristie is the author of two poetry collections, Dreaming in Darkness & Threads of Life (Wintergoose Publishing) She also put tireless effort into the premier volume of Inspiration Speaks,(Wintergoose Publishing) a collaboration of artists and poets together with ArtPlatform with proceeds being donated to ColaLife.  This is one lady who lives the writing life.  She has not merely tossed together a collection of pumped up kicks for writers, but she has come forth with a wonderful, year~long companion for the creative.

Weekly Inspiration For Writers & Creators is a user friendly, digital release.  Broken into the 52 weeks of the year, this handy little companion features motivation, prompts, and most importantly the unique perspective of one who lives it.  One of my favorite weeks (I skipped ahead...couldn't be helped!) is week 5.  Her affirmation... 

" My stories are mine and mine alone. I will nurture them by writing daily"  

Now, don't feel silly. If you're a writer, stop and say this, out loud, right now. Do you feel the weight of the statement.  Do you feel your pen pulsing in your hand, ready to tell your tale? Do you tell your tales with a paint brush? A camera? No Jessica states, she has provided us this wonderful tool...because we all need to be reminded to keep going.

There's just one more little tidbit from her introduction that I want to share with you.  I love Jessica's poetry, her way with words, and I'm hoping this statement from her introduction will resonate with you the same it did with me...

"Above all else, remember that being a successful artist in the opinion of our pop-culture world does not make you successful in life. Going through the process with joy, gratitude and a humble character is what will ultimately pave the road to a true legacy as a person. Our accomplishments in life are far less important than the strength of our character." ~J.Kristie

Can I get an amen!
Now go and grab your own! 

Jessica Kristie is the author of several poetry books, and the co-creator for the ArtPlatform book Inspiration Speaks Volume 1 which is now available in print and eBook through all major retailers, and benefits 
She is also the founder of the Woodland, CA, poetry series, Inspiring Words—Poetry in Woodland. 

Dreaming in Darkness is Jessica’s first volume of poetry; the winner of the 2011 Sharp Writ Award and nominated for a 2011 Pushcart Prize. 

Jessica’s second book, Threads of Life, is available through Winter Goose Publishing along with her eBook offering to writers, Weekly Inspirations for Writers & Creators. 

Jessica has been published in several online and print magazines such as Zouch, Muse, A Writer’s Point of View and TwitArt Magazine. You can find all of Jessica’s appearances under her Press Page at 

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica Kristie discovered her passion for writing as a child. Her inspiration comes in many forms, often inspired by just a word or quickly fleeting emotion. Through years of writing she has been able to capitalize on her experiences, whether they are painful or joyous. She hopes to draw you close to her world through shared emotion while inspiring you to forgive, remember, and heal. 

Follow Jessica and her poetry and projects on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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