Monday, May 14, 2012

@SocialSprite's Tip of the Week ~14.05.12

Social Sprite’s Tip of the Week

As I discussed two weeks ago 30-40% of your total content is original and 60-70% of it will come from third party sources. What kind of content should you share?

What you share depends on your audience. I can’t stress enough how important it is to know your audience. Once you know who you are targeting you can generate some ideas on what to share. Here’s a list to get you thinking:

Inspirational stories or quotes
Some of your favorite things
Timely stats relevant to audience
Take polls/surveys/ask questions
·         Use the Questions application on Facebook sparingly.
Invite guest authors on your blog
Interviews/Profiles on your blog
Create guides and other things to help educate your audience
Direct visitors to articles on your website
Reward your fans
·         Recognize and interact with those who make an effort.
·         Give discounts, gifts, etc.
·         Share news about your organization or news about your industry. Don’t just post a link to a news article, read it and ask a question of your fans about their opinion and or offer your own insights.
·         Set up Google Alerts to help you find news stories about your industry or other topics of interest to your audience.
Join groups and forums to find out the latest in your industry
Read your RSS feed daily for ideas
Take cues from what you’re reading or watching at the moment

You can also optimize this content to be more easily found in searches:

·         To do this use keywords on your status posts and link shares.
·         Use Google’s Keyword Tool to help you find the best keywords.

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