Monday, May 21, 2012

@NWCreativeUnion ~ Weekly Designate for Creativity

We are so very pleased to announce that Ginny Brannen of Inside Out Poetry takes home our prize! This week, Ginny brought an absolutely gorgeous submission to our Wednesday Wake Up that included her always fantastic words, beautiful imagery, and this week she really pushed the envelope creating on outstanding video to accompany the piece.  You can view her winning entry here.

About Ginny:

From the inside out, Ginny Brannan’s inner poet has finally emerged. Hailing from New England, Ginny took poetry courses in high school, and poetry and creative writing in college. Foregoing college degree, she went into the workforce while still a teen, where she remained steadily employed for many, many years. In 2009, Ginny found herself out of work, another victim of the economy, facing the ominous task of finding employment in a cyber world and in a declining job market. Emotionally sinking into a darker place each day, her dearest friend, also a writer, suggested she tap into her creative side and pick up pen and write--or Macbook and type as the case may be. Writing pulled her out of her rut, and she has been pouring herself into poetry ever since.

To connect with Ginny and follow her on her journey, simply swing by her directory listing.

Please join us in saying thank you for playing along, and wishing Ginny a big congratulations on the win!

Stay tuned for next week's Wake-Up call and come play along. To learn more visit us here

~Roger & Natasha