Monday, May 21, 2012

@SocialSprites Tips of the Week ~ 21.05.12

Social Sprite’s Tip of the Week

This week I want to focus on Facebook Interests Lists. This is a great tool for pulling together people’s profiles and pages that you like and/or find helpful. The great thing about Interests Lists is that others can subscribe to them. This means you can provide a resource for others in your field.

To create an Interests List visit the left hand column of your Home Page on Facebook. You’ll see Favorites, Groups, Friends. If you don’t see Interests listed just click on “More.”

Under Interests you’ll see “Add Interests.” Click on that and you’ll see a list of Interests Lists you can subscribe to. You’ll also see a button that says “Create List.” Click on that and you’ll see all your friends and the pages you’re subscribed to. Decide what kind of list you want to create and start adding friends and pages that belong under that topic.

Here’s a link to a list I created called Poets & All Things Poetical. If this is a topic of interest to you please subscribe. I hope all you poets and lovers of poetry will find this helpful and fun. Please let me know if a favorite poet’s profile (including your own) or poetry page is not on it and I will be sure to include it.

Have fun creating your own Interests Lists!

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