Monday, June 11, 2012

@NWCreativeUnion: Weekly Designate for Creativity 06.06.12

Our New World Creative Union
Award for Creativity for 06.06.12
goes to Susie Clevenger
(aka @wingaobutterfy)

"I am hearing poetry when awake
Dreaming poetry when asleep
Breathing poetry with each breathe
I am living in a poem." Susie Clevenger

Congratulations go out this week, to Susie Clevenger, on receiving our 5th NWCU Award for Creativity. I am sure many of you know her, her friendly demeanor, and fine poetry; if not it's easy to get acquainted!


Susie started writing in high school, but for most of her adult life she took a haitus from her writing. In 2006, Susie's life took an abrupt turn for her, as she was injured in an automobile accident. After a period of time, the poet was reawakened within Susie, and she began writing again in 2009.

Susie's writing has been featured in such online publications as The Brinks Gallery, The New Writers and Poetry and Prose Magazine. Now Susie can add our Award of Creativity to her various blogs and pages.

Susie's work and and connections may be found at:

A butterfly for the Butterfly Poet
[Baut Images: Zebra Swallowtail]

Natasha Head and Roger Allen Baut


  1. Congratulations, Susie... a well-deserved honor!!

    1. Thank you so much for this award. I am blessed to be among such talent. Thank you Roger for the beautiful butterfly.

  2. Congratualtions truly well deserved!

  3. Congrats Susie. You definitely deserve the honor.