Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wake Up with @NWCreativeUnion

It's that time of the week when days seem to last forever...and it's time for us all to wake up.  This week I am sharing with you, a very disturbing movie trailer from the film Zeitgeist.  This movie woke me up in 2007 when watching a full movie on YouTube seemed complete ridiculousness. I watched this one, held riveted to the tiny screen on my tiny laptop.  If you are weak stomached, you may want to skip this one.  I'm not asking you to change your beliefs, I'm not even asking you to watch the film, but I am asking you to share your thoughts on this just over four minute clip.  Imagine it being placed in a time capsule and stumbling upon it 100 years from now?  For is one of the most realistic impressions of the world we're living in, and I am scared to death.

Tell me its not time to wake try to change this...there has to be a love.
Here's how to play along:

  • Post your response to the above clip to your blog. Write a poem, paint a picture, share an opinion.
  • Copy the link address for that particular post and click on the Mr. Linky button
  • Paste your post address,enter you name and click're in!
  • Visit others who have shared their thoughts with us. Share them with your followers, engage in conversation. Show them the love and respect that we need on a GLOBAL level.  Let's lead by example.
  • You have till Sunday at 8am EST to post your response.  The post that receives the most +1's will be crowned with a lovely badge to show off to the world!
  • That's all there is to it! Let's wake up, shall we :)


  1. Much more difficult, I'd think, for the younger ones to watch. They are disturbing images and not pleasant viewing, but I'm sure this prompt will stir some emotional responses from this talented bunch in the NWCU.

    Great prompt!

  2. What a brilliant prompt Natasha! This is going to be very interesting to see how it unfolds! Kudos!

    Roger ☺

  3. Found the movie in its entirety (duh and hooray). I'll be back before Sunday. Thanks for this prompt.

  4. Great prompt Natasha..It stirred so much in me.

  5. Took me a few times watching to really try and harness the swirls of reaction into a piece. Strong and powerful trailer. Excellent prompt. Thanks

  6. I have just stumbled in here through Susie Clevenger, watched the trailer (riveting and heartbreaking) and read Susie's SPECTACULAR poem. Peace is a topic dear to my heart. I shall be back with an offering. GREAT to see a site devoted to waking up, and furthering the cause of peace........every little bit helps the transformation of consciousness this planet so desperately needs.