Monday, June 18, 2012

@SocialSprite 's Social Media Tip of the Week 18.06.12

Social Sprite’s Social Media Tip of the Week

In last week’s post I talked a little about LinkedIn Groups and how LinkedIn is the professional social network. It’s not just for business professionals, but for creative professionals as well.

This week I’ll talk a bit about the other aspects of LinkedIn that can help you get connected and build up your LinkedIn resume.

Ask for recommendations. This is a great way to promote your work. You do this by clicking Profile and going down the menu to Recommendations. Click on this and up comes a list of the jobs you had or have. Pick which one you want an endorsement for and you’ll be sent to a form to fill out and email. Choose which of your connections know you via this particular work and be sure to personalize the message.

Answer questions. LinkedIn has an “Answers” section. It’s a place where you can share your knowledge and become known as the go to person for certain topics. You can find it by clicking “More” near the top of the page. And if you want to learn something about a topic you can always ask questions.

This part of LinkedIn is especially good for writers because under the topic Marketing and Sales there is a Writing and Editing section. The Professional Development topic is a great one to learn more about developing yourself and your business as well as sharing what you’ve learned with others. Want more information about sales? You can ask some questions under Sales.

Personalize you LinkedIn URL. This is a great way to make sure people have found the right Jan Smith. It is also easier to use than a bunch of numbers when telling people how to find you on LinkedIn.

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your home page and click Edit Profile. In the profile overview box near the top of your profile, scroll down until you see a line for Public Profile. It’s usually the last thing in that box. Click the Edit link and there you’ll see a long box with lots of things in it. Near the bottom of that is where you can personalize your URL.

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  1. Thanks Joanne! More pertinent information on LinkedIn! Really appreciate your taking the time to share your knowledge with us!

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