Monday, July 16, 2012

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Words as images – Learn how to create your own jpeg quotes

Images are all the rage on most social media networks these days. Quotes in a jpeg file, also called quote tiles by some, get more action than straight status updates. Words on photos may be even better.

You can find such quote tiles to share on the social networks by doing a Google Image search for quotes. If you can’t find the quote you want you can create your own quote tiles.

If you have Photo Shop or a similar program you can get very creative. But if you don’t you can still join in the fun. These quote tiles can be created in Word and then converted to a jpeg via an online converter like Zamzar.

Words only quote tile

Open Word, click on Insert and pick a shape. I used the thought bubble.
Go to Page Layout, click on Margins and then on Custom Margins. Put all your margins to zero.
Now make your shape nearly as large as the page and put in your text.
You can also change the color of the page so it stands out.
Save your document in word and then save it as a PDF.
Now go to Zamzar and choose the PDF file you just made and convert it to a jpeg.
Zamzar will email you the link to where you can download your newly converted file.

Quote tile with image

Use your own images or free stock photos when creating these quote tiles.
Open Word, click on Insert and choose an image from your computer files.
As above change all your margins to zero.
Make the picture as large as the page.
Now go to Insert again and choose Text Box.
Click on Draw Text Box and you can then drag to make your text box any size.
Once you’ve sized your text box go to Format and do two things to make the box invisible - Under Shape Fill click on No Fill and under Shape Outline click No Outline.
From there add your words. You can choose color, style, effects, etc.
Complete process by following the same instructions listed above.

Your creations can be used as marketing tools as well. Words from your book or your artwork can be a part of the quote tile. Make sure you add, in small text near the bottom, your website.

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