Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Award for Creativity designate: 11.07.12 Natasha Head

Our New World Creative Union
Award for Creativity designate for 11.07.12
is Natasha Head
(aka @Tashtoo)

Natasha Head is a blogger, poet, freelance author, and coordinator of the New World Creative Union, and has been writing since she was a very young age.

Her published works include the premier volume of In the Presence of Poets by Willow Tree Press and Inspiration Speaks, published by Winter Goose Publishing and Art Platform.

In March of 2012 her first individual published collection of poetry, entitled Nothing Left to Lose, was released through Winter Goose Publishing.

Natasha is also a recurring host of  the ever popular OpenLinkNight at dVersePoetsPub and  has participated successfully in several other online endeavors.

Always ready to assist others, Natasha is truly one of those 'rare' individuals who sees beyond the box and knows that as we uplift others, so, too, are we uplifted.

Website :  tashtoo.com

Twitter: @Tashtoo

Facebook: Tashtoo

FanPage: Tashtoo Parlour

dVersePoetsPub: dVersePoets

Winter Goose Publishing: Winter Goose Publishing

Congratulations, Natasha, on your NWCU Award for Creativity! Below is the audio prompt for the week of 11.07.12 for which you created your composition!


  1. Texas Shoutouts are in order! Kudos and Yeehaws .... most excellent congrats to Tash !

  2. You guys do realize how awesome you all are...right?