Monday, July 9, 2012

@SocialSprite 's Social Media Tip of the Week ~09.07.12

A Simple Way to Create a Fabulous Twitter Bio

Twitter, the 140 character platform, allows a mere 160 characters to describe who you are. But it can be done and should be done.

It’s not a good idea to leave your bio blank on any social platform. One reason is it makes you look like a spammer or bot and people won’t want to follow you back. Also, if they don’t know what your interests are why would they follow you?

Here’s one way to create a bio that will draw people in.


Answer these questions to craft an eye catching Twitter bio. Give specifics in to add color:
1.      What do you do?
2.      What do you love?
3.      Why are you here on Earth?


Take into account two things:
1.      People will take the words you use in your bio to be an indication of what you will share on Twitter. If your bio isn’t a reflection of what you will share you might want to say what kinds of things you will share.
2.      What kinds of people do you want to get to know? The words in your bio support this goal. People interested in the same things as you will be able to search and find you.

Here is an example of how you can use this formula:

Answers to questions above:
Jane is a landscape painter.
Jane loves old horror movies, cooking and too much garlic.
Jane believes she’s here to create and enjoy life.

Her bio:
Painter of landscapes who loves old horror flicks and cooking with too much garlic. (Vampires beware!) I enjoy life and live to create.

This is just an example. Please get as creative as I know you all are. What really matters is that your personality shines through.

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  1. Another very informative and interesting tip Joanne! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    Roger ☺