Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Wake-Up Call 11.07.12

This week’s Wednesday Wake-Up Call is an audio prompt based upon the soundtrack presented further down. The music features Bono of U2.

Take a few moments and sit back, close your eyes, listen to the music, and listen to the words. If you have headphones, use them, as you'll get the best experience from listening with them. There's always a message in the music!
L I S T E N 

You may want to listen to the track several times; then let your creativity flow.

Let your inner guide direct you in whatever way it wishes to, and then creatively interpret the music. Simply be. Simply let go. Simply create. Simply be creative. Experiment. Try something new. If you are a writer; paint, if you are a painter; sculpt. 
Chose pens, pastels, paints, video camera, crayons, et cetera, or sing a song, share a painting, an essay, or simply an opinion, and join with us as we journey into this Wednesday Wake-Up Call of sound.

"...if you're gonna try,
go all the way...
there's no other feeling
like that!"

• Post your response to the prompt on your blog.
• Copy the address for the specific post and click on the Mr. Linky Button below.
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• The prompt is live for a total of four days. 
• If you post frequently, you want to be sure you have used your actual post address and   not the general address of your blog. This way folks will be taken directly to your response, and won't bail on you for having to search your space to find it.
• That's it! Your name will appear hyperlinked on our Mr. Linky page, along with our other entrants. 
• Remember, our purpose is to ultimately share the good works of our group. 
• Don't forget! Even if you do not participate please:
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• Visit those who have participated, commenting and engaging with your fellow creators.
• Most of all, we hope you enjoy the prompt, community and interacting.

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