Monday, September 10, 2012

Create Headlines That Make People Click!

Create Headlines that make people want to click your links!

New World Creative Union is all about sharing. We share each other’s work as well as our own. So how do we make sure people take notice and actually want to click the links we share? It’s all in the headlines.

Here are six points to help you create enticing headlines:

1. What is the person who clicks the link going to get out of it? How is your poem or creative work going add to their day?

2. Be descriptive. Help people to feel and visualize your work as much as possible in a short headline.

3. Make it personal. Talk to your potential reader. If your poem is about a time of grief lead them in by talking about loss in general. Find a way to connect.

4. Find a way to tie your work in to what’s happening in the world right now. For example, since fall is near you can share fall photos. Or you can link your poem about grief to fall, the season of letting go.

5. Use active not passive voice. For example, “Scary Halloween Poem” is passive and “The Ghoul Changed My Life” is active.

6. Details, details, details. Don’t forget to add the artist’s name or Twitter handle, title of the work, etc.

Joanne Elliott and Social Sprite Media Services brings this column to NWCU every week. If you're a creative seeking advice on spreading the good news about your work, we're here to help!


  1. Great tips as always Joanne! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise once again! Kudos! Roger ☺

  2. You're welcome Roger! And thank you for all that you do!