Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Joan Barrett Roberts ~ @jrobertswi

Joan Roberts
Author, Poet, Explorer

I am a beginning writer of stories through exploration of poetry, art and photography.

My professional life's work has been in the field of education (K-12 Public School Teacher, Private School Principal, University Professor, State Education Consultant) with a focus on poverty issues and its impact on education policy and student achievement. 

In 2006 I co-founded the Shadowleaves Company.  Our mission is to help people connect with others. Writers, artists, photographers, musicians, designers, students, parents of all ages and of course grandchildren -- connecting the creative to action!  To share the joy of writing, photography, music and art with others.

At this time, I am exploring nature, art, writing, poetry and the space they create in our daily life that help shape our decisions and values. 
I have recently retired and living in the Ozarks on Lake Ann, Bella Vista, AR.

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  1. Hello Joan. So nice to have you as part of the creative union! I am looking forward to reading your work and viewing your work and learning more about you.

    1. Hello Susie!
      Thank you for such a kind welcome! I look forward to creating, sharing and learning with this community!!
      Thank you Susie ~ joanie

  2. Welcome Joan! It's wonderful to have you on board.

    1. Thank you Joanne for the kind welcome! I so look forward to being a part of this special group!