Monday, September 17, 2012

Does your blog have its own Facebook page?

Many creatives like to create many things and so have one blog for their poetry, another for photography, etc.

If you do have separate blogs for each creative outlet you might want to create a Facebook Page for each…especially if you want to sell both or only one.

Here are some other reasons you might do this:

If your blog name is better known than your name. People may be looking for your blog name on Facebook and if it doesn’t have a page to connect with they may get discouraged.

TIP: It is also a good idea to have links to your social media profiles on your blog so you can be found. Make sure they are in a prominent place like the top left right or not too far down on the side column.

To delineate your various brands. With separate Facebook pages it is easier to focus on your various brands or personas.

To broaden your reach. Having a blog is great, but just like any other creative endeavor you want to share with others you need to market it. Social media is the perfect way to get the word out about your work. And with a Facebook page specifically for your blog you can better focus on your target audience.

To gain insights. Facebook pages have the Insights feature which gives you stats on the demographics of your fans, engagement, etc. It’s a great tool to help you market your work.

Joanne Elliott of Social Sprite Media Services brings this column to NWCU every week. If you're a creative seeking advice on spreading the good news about your work, we're here to help!


  1. Joanne,this is of the most frustrating things I've started has been my facebook page...this is vital stuff! Thank you :)

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad you find it helpful Natasha. :-)

  3. And the tip says make sure the link to your social media profiles/pages is on the left...that should be right. I'm a little directionally challenged. I've corrected above. :-)

  4. Thanks once again for the information Joanne! Always something new to learn from your writing! Roger ☺

  5. Great advice - I've been putting mine off. Do you think it's better to set up a completely separate facebook account, or just have 'pages'? Not sure if you can leave a comment as the 'page' holder, which is why I haven't set mne up properly yet.

    1. A.K.Andrew, the way Facebook works is that you set up one personal profile (Facebook doesn't like people have more than one profile) and then you can set up as many pages as you want from there, but you control them all from your personal profile. You can also post on the page you create as that page or as yourself.

      I hope that answers your question. If not please let me know. I'm here to help.

  6. I'm looking at your question again and I think I missed answering it exactly. You're wondering if you can comment on someone's personal profile as a page right? You can't do that...Facebook sets it up that way so businesses can't spam people's personal profiles. A page owner as the page can leave a comment on another page, though.