Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Surprises II: NWCU Announces New Coordinators

Sunday, September 16, 2012, NWCU, Facebook, global - The New World Creative Union (NWCU) announced today the appointment of Susie Clevenger, Joanne Young Elliott, Leslie Moon and Beth Winter as Coordinators of the NWCU. They will be joining Natasha Head and Roger Allen Baut as part of the new NWCU team.

When asked, "Why the appointments were made now," Roger responded by saying, "Natasha, and I felt that with the expansion of the NWCU, and it's activities, that it was time to bring on some new staff to help them in moving the NWCU forward. He went on to say, they were very excited to have Susie, Joanne, Leslie, and Beth come on-board with so much happening. Natasha seemed particularly excited about an as yet 'undisclosed' feature "waiting in the wings." She said, "An announcement on this will be forthcoming. Right now were looking at our upcoming NWCU Book Talk, Wednesday Wake-Up Call, and NWCU Sunday Snapshot (a photo-prompt)."

The following is a short introduction to the four new NWCU coordinators, that was provided to us, by Natasha Head who originally wrote the bio-briefs.

Susie Clevenger
Susie has been writing for most of her life, and her writing can be found in such online publications as The Brinks Gallery, The New Writers, and Poetry and Prose Magazine. She has also been designated as a recipient of the NWCU Award for Creativity for her composition for the NWCU Wednesday Wake-Up Call.

More information on Susie may be found here: Susie Clevenger

Joanne Young Elliott
Joanne is a poet and a writer of fiction who does some occasional online journalism. She also works with Social Sprite Media Services, which she started in 2011. She states that her, "...mission is to support authors, artists, and spiritual organizations because the world needs their message and vision.

Joanne has already been assisting the NWCU with a series of very helpful articles on how to use social media effectively. Her articles may be found under the NWCU's Tips and Tricks file.

More information on Joanne may be found here: Joanne Young Elliott  

Leslie Moon Moseley

Leslie is a published poet, photographer, children's writer, having 25 years experience as a technical writer and editor for the medical non-profit sector. She is also an advocate, and writer for the special needs community.

You will probably remember Leslie as a member of the Shorty Award Winning One Stop Poetry, and her fine work there. One Stop Poetry still has a large following and daily paper.

More information on Leslie may be found here: Leslie Moon Moseley

Beth Winter is a gifted and prolific writer, and specializes in poetry and prose. She has authored over 600 poems, and founded and oversees a poetry critique group on AllPoetry.

She is also a blossoming photographer who has captured many interesting images, and has a uniqely creative pen and eye.

More information on Beth may be found here: Beth Winter

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! The latest Autumn Surprise from the NWCU. Join with us in welcoming these four new creative and talented individuals in their ongoing creative evolution as coordinators with the New World Creative Union!

And always remember to 'share' and 'promote'
other artists, artisans, and writer's work. It's what
the New World Creative Union is about!


  1. Great news! Congrats to Susie, Joanne, Leslie and Beth. And congrats to NWCU and all of us for getting all this talent!

    1. Thank you Mary! Appreciate your thoughts and comment! We are indeed fortunate to get these 4 amazing people to join us on our journey! Lots more surprises to follow! Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      Roger ☺

  2. lovely to see you all and many congrats joining Roger and Tash but really warmed my heart to see you Leslie x x ((hugs)) Lib

  3. This is truly exciting news. Such an all-star team suggests that great things are in the making! I can't wait for the next shoe to drop.

  4. Thank you Mary. And thank you Roger and Natasha for the invite and all you have done and continue to do. I'm looking forward to creating a New World with everyone here!

    1. You're quite welcome Joanne! So pleased to have you on board and part of creating a New World, with this great team! Roger ☺

  5. no more deserving and worthy folk could have been selected to join the staff :) congrats to all involved :)


  6. Congratulations to the new team, a great addition to an already-amazing core team!

    I have so much on my hands these days, it's hard to find time to do all the reading I want. But this is an amazing group, and is so supportive of the online writing community, that you can't help but stand up and applaud.


  7. oh, wow. Congrats, ladies! I am excited to already know of you all and to have been able to enjoy your work! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

  8. I will turn the tables and say - each of you magnificent artists are the ones who inspire us to do what we do in supporting and encouraging another generation to create