Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silver Phoenix Award recipient: Beth Winter

New World Creative Union's
First Silver Phoenix Award recipient:

Beth Winter
(aka @Beth_Winter )

Beth Winter,
Silver Phoenix Award recipient

Beth Winter takes home the very first NWCU Silver Phoenix Award, for her 'winning' composition in our NWCU Autumn Kick-Off event held September 22nd and 23rd, Peek-at-Beth.

She is a prolific and gifted writer with a great love for the written word and though she specializes in poetry and prose, who also enjoys photography.

Ae a writer, Beth has a huge body of growing work, and has authored over 600 poems, equaled only by as many journals, that express her unique thoughts with clarity and sincerity, as her muse strives to attain the full potential of the possibilities all around her.

Her poetry, prose and journals can be viewed on her blog, Eclipsing Winter.

Please join with Natasha and I in congratulating Beth as our first Silver Phoenix Award recipient.

Beth Winter on Twitter


  1. Congrats Beth - well deserved!!!

  2. Congratulations Beth! :) I couldn't wait to see this silver wonder being shared thru the ether. Again, loved your post!

  3. Congratulations Beth! A great post and I loved the perspective of looking back and connecting to your work now! Thank you!