Monday, October 1, 2012

Award for Creativity Designate 26.09.12 Laurie Kolp

Each week, through the Wednesday Wake Up Call (WWUC), the New World Creative Union (NWCU) provides the opportunity for our fellow creatives to explore mediums of expression, beyond their comfort zone.

At the end of the prompt, we tally the number of Google +1's each entry receives to determine who takes home the prize.  This week we are honored to share with you a wonderful writer, who took the prompt beyond mere words with her entry. Visit the selected response here.

Read on to learn more about this weeks winner Laurie Kolp

Laurie Kolp wishes she had listened to her inner desires and followed her passion for writing which began as a child. But she has come to accept that the twelve years she spent teaching and the numerous adventures she followed in search of happiness were mere stepping stones to uncover her true purpose in life. She has since been published in various poetry and short story publications including The Christian Communicator, pay attention: a river of stones, The Dead Mule’s School Society of Southern Literature, Skive Magazine and Christmas Miracles by Cecil Murphy and Marley Gibson, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times.

Twitter:  @KolpLaurie
NWCU Profile:  Laurie Kolp


  1. Congratulations Laurie! Your entry was awesome...loved the incorporation of mediums along with the words..perfect!

  2. Thank YOU so much for encouraging me to branch out fom my comfort zone... I loved taking this challenge... PLUS, it helped get me out of a little slump I was in. = )

  3. Well deserved Laurie
    ~Leslie Moon